When I think about where I am and where I came from
it just amazes me how, one small step at a time the
building blocks have fallen into place. I wholeheartedly
believe that God has placed each and every one of us
on this earth with gifts and abilities and it is our own
responsibility to see to it that we put our best efforts into
offering up our best. Be it raising a child, planting a
garden, being a friend, or following a career path, I
believe in going all out, giving 100 percent and then

Often the seed has been planted, it's just dormant,
merely awaiting patiently the  opportunity to, with a bit of
proper nurturing to emerge, to bloom, grow and flourish.
For me, I feel that I am an artist to the very core of my
being,  it's just always been there. As a child some of my
earliest "toys" were lots of pencils and paper and an oil
painting and watercolor set from my father. Along with
these items came his advice, "make stacks and stacks of
sketches, don't worry if they're 'good' or not, just toss
them out and do more". This process passed many
hours happily for me in my younger years.

So, after high school the natural progression of events
was on to art school. I received my formal art training
first at the Art Institute of Philadelphia where I majored in
Commercial Art and the  Maryland Institute, College of
Art, as a Drawing/Fine Arts major.

Taking the next big step in my life, I got married and my
husband and I started our family. During those early
years I poured my energy into being a mom, and as our
first two children were on the verge of becoming much
more independent, we made a decision to add yet one
more baby to this family we had been blessed with. Our
littlest is now himself moving well along his way to
becoming not so little, and with that development I
began to focus more of my  energies into building up the
business side of my artistic endeavors. Along the way,
during my early years of raising babies, I became an
Orthodox Christian. My faith in God is essential to my
being and this influence is evident in much of my work. It
is my feeling that there is always an element of the
Divine in any creative process.

Actually "starting" this business has been a gradual
unfolding of events which have, over the years, nicely
fallen into place. For instance, when my children were
young and my days were filled with the many tasks of
motherhood, I would readily accept any kind of art
assignment which happened to come my way. This
helped me to keep my skills honed and further my
reputation as an artist. Word of mouth and the quality of
my work have always been my most effective form of

Inspiration surrounds me on a daily basis. My faith in
God, my family, working in my garden and the sheer
beauty of the world which surrounds us, all provide me
with so much creative energy. Sunrises, sunsets, starry
nights and fields in harvest, there exists out there an
endless supply of paintings waiting to happen.

I have been blessed with a wonderful family for which I
am truly grateful. Much credit and very heartfelt thanks
goes to my husband Chris for his patience,
understanding and overall tolerance of this endeavor!!
And to my three children for all the times they pitch in
and lend a helping hand around the house when I'm full
of paint, working to meet a deadline, making phone
calls, and generally doing what needs to be done to get
a business off and running.

My sincere thanks also, to each and every one of my
current and past clients and customers, to all those who
have offered sincere encouragement and many kind
words. Friends and family who remembered me  when
there was a need for artwork, bought paintings from me,
and who have just been totally supportive! And to those
who believed in me when I was brand new to painting
murals and took that leap with me as they welcomed me
to their homes to paint their walls. You know who you
are and you are truly wonderful!!  
Kate A. Cocoros

Whether you turn
to the right or to the left, your ears will
hear a voice behind you, saying
"this is the way, walk in it."
Isaiah 30:21