The Painted Gourd: From Agriculture to Art
Grecian Gourd
This has become a very
popular design. I am taking
orders on this design as well
as custom designs.
All designs are  available in
small and large
sizes, however each
gourd is different
which also makes for
Autumn Gourds
Pictured to the right  is a unique, one of a kind
centerpiece. This is a long handled dipper gourd,which
took on this interesting curling shape as it
dried on the ground.
This gourd is available for purchase
(Center embellishment is included with gourd.)
To the left is the very first gourd I ever painted, th
e one  
where it all began...I recently sold this piece.

This commissioned piece
was a lot of fun!
The bluebirds
seem to

find themselves quite
happy in their frolic
among the
morning glories!
Tuscan Gourd
This commissioned gourd
celebrates the
beauty of a Tuscan
The gourd has a long history of usefulness for both decorative and practical purposes. This versatile and exciting member of the squash
family is much more than meets the eye. Growing on the vine on the ground or on a trellis, the gourd has finished its life span by autumn.

It is then left to begin the process of decay. It will become moldy, appearing rotten...but not so, this is actually when the gourd begins its
wonderful transformation. Next the gourd will dry, which becomes evident when it is shaken and the dried seeds will rattle. All that the gourd
contains is now dried up; amazingly, there is no need to "empty out" the contents. Next the gourd is scrubbed and dried. The hard shell of
the dried gourd provides a 3 dimensional canvas which is limited only by the stretches of the imagination! The final product is a unique one
of a kind piece of artwork, to be enjoyed for years to come. On all of my painted gourds I use high quality artist's acrylics which are durable
and long lasting while providing vibrant color.
Each gourd is an original piece of art, they are all signed and dated on the bottom.
Summer Flight
m summer days bring
out the beauty of nature.
This gourd is available
for purchase.
Autumn Afternoon
Two chestnuts relax
beneath falling
leaves. This piece
has been sold, but is
available for order.
Red Delicious
(for sale)
Rooster Barn
(for sale)
Rose Bloom
(for sale)
(for sale)
Sunflower Sunshine
Bright eye catching design and color. This gourd has been sold, design available on order.