Iconography and Religious Art
Saint Demetrios
Saint Demetrios  served  as a soldier
in the Roman army, but was first and
foremost a soldier of Christ.
Saint Demetrios' great faith and the
power of God enabled his young friend
Nestor to defeat the most feared  
giant Lyaios, much to the dismay of the
Emperor and the conversion of more
than a few.
Inside message:
"May the
miracle of the birth
of The Savior
fill your heart at
and always."
The Mother of God,
our protectress, who
intercedes with her
Son on our behalf.

Archangel Michael
In the left hand, holds a staff, symbolic
of the authority received from God as
His messanger. In the right hand, a disc
bearing the monogram X, represents
Christ and that the Archangel is His
Greeting  Cards
All icons are egg tempera and 24 karat gold leaf on poplar board. Currently I have the Saint
Michael the Archangel icon available for purchase. I also accept commissions for icons.
The three card designs which appear below are currently available in boxed sets.
Inside message:
"May this Christmas bring
you all the joy that
One Child
brought to this world."

Inside message:
"May the joy and hope that
 the birth of our Savior
brought to this world
be reflected in our hearts
and our lives at Christmas
and always"