Frozen Sunrise
To me, morning is the very best time of
the day.
A new  day awaits, frozen in all of it's
beauty and wonder.

24" X 30"
For Sale

I love flamingoes and orchids, along
with providing endless design
they're just plain fun to paint!!

24" X 30"
For Sale
Rainbow Field

One morning in early Fall I had just put
my son on the school bus and as the
bus pulled away, this rainbow
appeared just across the field, and
there I was.

24" X 30"
For Sale

The heat of a late summer day settles
and these
sunflowers are  heavy and leaning
as Autumn will inevitably arrive
18" X 24"
For Sale
I paint in both acrylic and oil, I enjoy both mediums as each opens a different and exciting creative doorway.
All of the paintings shown here are acrylic on canvas. The dimensions of each piece of artwork are
specified. Those paintings which are available for purchase are so noted. I also paint  on commission.     

An old farmhouse, a warm afternoon,
and a summer sky
create an inviting landscape.

18" X 24"
For Sale
Covered in Roses

This was a commissioned
piece, I particularly like
the way the roses
cascade from buds to
fully bloomed roses.

16" X 20"
Beyond the Fence

A field in mid harvest,
an Autumn wood, what
lies beyond?

18" X 24"
Orchid Cascade

A bold statement,
a flowing line
of orchids falls across the
surface of the canvas.

11'' X 14"
For Sale
The Lilly

A welcome warm weather
arrival, this lily
towers in a
summer garden.

18" X 24"
For Sale
Gerbera Vase

Commissioned as
a partner to
"Covered in Roses"
This still life combines
bright, cheerful Gerberas
with a classic crystal

16" X 20"